Students analyzing artifacts at Southwest Ancestral Landscapes Youth Summit, Mesa Verde Country, June 2014

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Youth Summit Application- 2017 Preserve America Youth Summit


Each applicant must complete all Sections (A-C)

Section A


Example: Legacy High School, Broomfield; Boys & Girls Club of South Park, Fairplay

If Yes, Please explain.
(Example: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, etc...)

(Example: Medical needs, medication, etc...)

Section B

Each applicant should answer these questions providing examples if possible.

Why do you think learning about the places, people and stories of our past is critical to our future?

Share how you think you might be able to make a difference raising awareness for historic places after your Youth Summit experience.

Please explain how you became interested in the preservation of historic places and/or your interest in learning about people important to our past?

Section C

Please list at least one adult who can recommend you for a program that requires independent thinking, extensive work within a group, creative problem solving, and participation in a community service project. Include name, phone number, e-mail address and relationship to you, i.e. teacher, coach, parent, family friend or employer.